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Our Story That Started in Gaziantep in 1969 By Mehmet Kılınç; It Has Come To This Day By Introducing Antep Cuisine in Different Provinces.

The Protected Flavors Of Antep Were Brought To Denizli By Mehmet Kılınç, Who Came To Denizli in The Autumn Of 1998; With The People Of Denizli Witnessing These Unique Tastes, Its Recognition And Place Became Indispensable.

In 2011, With The Touch Of His Sons Mahmut And Ibrahim Kılınç, It Was Constantly Renewed And Managed To Attract All The Attention Both Visually And Tastefully.

Miske Restaurant, Which Presents The Local Tastes Of Antep To Its Guests In The Most Special And Freshest Way; With Its Wide Menu And Friendly Staff, It Always Aims For The Best Quality For You.

An Anatolian Legend

Is Coming Out

A Scent That Gives Peace To People And Tightly Connects Them To Life Rises From The Soil Around Us.. According To Some, This Unique Fragrance, Which Dates Back Centuries, Lies Under The History Of A Valiant Generation Who Defended Anatolia Heroically.

However, There İs Another Unknown Story Of This Fragrance, Which We Have Heard From Our Elders And Which Has Been Transmitted From Language To Language For Years...

According To Them; This Magnificent Scent Emanates From The Rare Musk Plant İn The Samsat Region, Which İs Considered One Of The Two Gates Of Anatolia, Allowed By The Euphrates River. In These Lands, Which Have Changed Over Time, Musk Plants No Longer Grow.

Although The İmpressive Smell Of This Plant Comes To People From Time To Time, Unfortunately, İt Has Not Been Encountered İn The Near Future. This Plant, Which İs A Legend According To Some, İs The Life İtself For Us.

We Were Reborn As Miske Restaurant By Bringing An Anatolian Legend To Light İn Order To Give You The Joy Of Life With Our Local Flavors And Reconnect To Life...

Mehmet Usta From Antep